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whedonverse_nb's Journal

Whedonverse Noticeboard
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
The noticeboard for all things Joss. Crosspost here now!
A noticeboard community for announcements/links to any Whedonverse fan material.

What can you post here? Link to fics, graphics, icons, vids, recs, meta, episode discussions, news -- any and every fannish thing related to the Joss Whedon television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and the film Serenity.

Because this is a noticeboard, we're looking for links to entries and materials, but we ask that you do not post entire fic or vids or whatever directly to the community.

Rather, use the subject line to indicate the nature of your notice (ex: New Firefly Vid or New BtVS Fic or Rec of Angel Graphic), with a rating (if applicable). Then provide us with a very simple header, including such information as rating, pairing(s) or characters, a brief summary, distribution and disclaimer information, (though no long author notes or fic excerpts or special fonts, please) and a link to your entry or post.

Graphics people -- you may post a teaser to your graphics, though no graphic larger, or icons more, than the standard three-icon teaser. Any such teaser(s) should be, without question, absolutely work safe.

The only thing you cannot link to? Locked posts. Your entries, whether they be fic, or graphics, or discussion, must be public in order to be posted at/linked in this community.

Questions about any of the series should be directed to other communities -- this is really a community for announcements.

Modelled on such comms as sga_noticeboard and supernatural_nb.

If you want to keep up with what's posted here, but find the community has too many posts for your friendslist, watch whedon_updates for daily posts that will provide quick links to all material posted at the community, as well links to other compilation community daily postings, such as watching_daily.

This community is affiliated with the community stop_plagiarism. Any suspect posts will be investigated and reported appropriately.

Please play nicely with your fellow authors and help keep whedonverse_nb a plagiarism-free zone by reporting any problems to me at the above email address. Thank you.


If you have an lj community, mailing list or website that you wish to affiliate with whedon_updates and whedonverse_nb, please comment here. Thank you!

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